Polito Events

Polito Viticoltori takes part in a lot of happenings and events to promote its wines and to make the world discover the aromas and the colors that only the wonderful lands of Cilento can offer.

The excellence of the Polito Viticoltori’s winery espresses itself, as well as in the cultivation of first-rate grapes and in the creation of unique taste wines, also in taking part in prestigious national and international events, like the International Wine Show -Vinitaly in Verona, the ProWein in Germany and, flying to the other side of the world, in Los Angeles for the VINO California event.

Here you’ll find a list of happenings in which Polito Viticoltori takes part:
- Vinitaly - Verona;
- ProWein - Düsseldorf (Germany);
- Sorrento Wine - Sorrento (Italy)
- Vino California – Los Angeles (United States)
- Il Vino del Tuffatore – Paestum (Italy)