Our Wines

Polito Viticoltori has always been oriented towards a production of high quality and strong personality. We are convinced that a quality wine should know how to evoke the territory from which it comes, for this reason we decided to produce only wines from native Cilento grape varieties and to use traditional cultivation and vinification techniques, which we believe are the most suitable to preserve the integrity and uniqueness of our wines, as well as to preserve the environment.

Polito Viticoltori currently has about 10 hectares of vineyards in production, and new vineyards have been planted. The old family winery has given way to a large and functional structure equipped with adequate spaces both for processing and for aging in oak, where modern winemaking techniques are put in place that enhance the quality of the final product without taking anything away to tradition, and it has thus arrived at a production of about 50,000 bottles.

THE TERRITORY: "E' un delicato bere l'estate alli gran caldi e non appare bevanda la sera a tutto pasto", said Sante Lancerio, bottle holder of Pope Paolo III, around the 1500s, when he described the wines of Cilento. Of course, Cilento offers great personality wines, which get the best from the clayey and calcareous nature of the soil and from the warm-tempered climate. Thanks to these our soil’s gifts and to the tradition of the Polito family was born the passion for wine, a passion handed down from generation to generation. 

THE VINEYARDS: Between the autochthonous blend, the most famous red wine is certainly Aglianico DOP of Cilento, that borns from Aglianico grapes, ruby ​​red its color and savory and full-bodied its taste. It has a refining of not less than one year and it can reach an alcohol content of 14% vol. It’s an excellent structured wine with a good aromatic complexity. It perfectly pairs with roasted meat, especially with the most appetizing ones and with game. 

Among the white grape vines, the Fiano DOP Cilento is certainly the most important, giving the wine a distinctive character and a high-class level. It perfectly pairs with “lagane e ceci” (pasta with chickpeas), buffalo cheesecake and grilled swordfish..

The philosophy of Vincenzo and of his son Carlo, who - after specializing in enology - today leads the company, is to bring even more people to the taste of good drinking. The mission is to make the winery like a place where it’s possible meeting the producer, doing tasting itineraries; a sort of "Tasting Club", thanks to the creation of a new tasting room. The new winery also hosts a permanent exhibition of paintings by the Neapolitan painter Nicola Liegi.

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Despite its short life in commerce in the market, Polito’s wines have got a lot of awards:

- “Roccaventa” Diploma of Merit and Distinction Campania Felix 

- “Saracè” Second best wine to pair with mozzarella cheese at “Looking for white”

- The guide VINIBUONI d’Italia 2017 gives:  3 stars to Cilento Doc Aglianico Corsaro 2011
                                                                         3 stars to Cilento Doc Aglianico Riserva Don Vito 2007
                                                                         3 stars to Cilento Doc Fiano Saracè 2010
                                                                         3 stars to Cilento Doc Fiano Saracè 2015
                                                                         2 stars to Paestum Igt Rosato Prime - Roseè 2015