About us

Polito Viticoltori was born in the 60s when Vito Polito planted the first vineyards on the gentle hills of Agropoli, right in front of the sea. At the beginning the grapes were mostly sold, and only a small part of them was vinified, just for family needs. In 2000, after the re-implantation of part of the vineyards by the Vito’s son, Vincenzo, a phytopathologist specialized in viticulture, a big change occurred in the company.

During  2005 the first 5,000 bottles of Cilento Bianco DOC and Aglianico Cilento DOC were bottled. Actually, the company has about 10 hectares of vineyards in its production, and lately new vineyards have been planted. The old family winery leaved the place to a large and functional structure equipped with large spaces both for processing and for refining in oak, where modern winemaking methods enhance the quality of the product without taking anything away to tradition. And now, from this way, we produce about 60,000 bottles/year.

The philosophy of Vincenzo and of his son Carlo, who - after specializing in enology - now leads the company, is to bring even more people to the taste of good drinking. The mission is to make the winery a place where it’s possible meeting the producer, doing tasting itineraries; a sort of "Tasting Club", thanks to the creation of a new tasting room. The new winery also hosts a permanent exhibition of paintings by the Neapolitan painter Nicola Liegi.


Despite its short life in market, Polito’s wines got a lot of awards:

- “Roccaventa” Diploma of Merit and Distinction Campania Felix;

- “Saracè” Second best wine to pair with mozzarella cheese at “Looking for white”

- The guide VINIBUONI d’Italia 2017 gives:  3 stars to Cilento Doc Aglianico Corsaro 2011
                                                                         3 stars to Cilento Doc Aglianico Riserva Don Vito 2007
                                                                         3 stars to Cilento Doc Fiano Saracè 2010
                                                                         3 stars to Cilento Doc Fiano Saracè 2015
                                                                         2 stars to Paestum Igt Rosato Prime - Roseè 2015